October 25, 2010

Menu Plan Sunday (gasp! It's Monday!)

I found a new website /blog that already has a planned weekly menu  including the recipes and shopping list.  Could life get any easier? I say not!
However, my only concern is what if I don't like what is on the weekly menu the blog planned....but so far, I haven't run into that problem! After looking through the website, the recipes seem delicious. I had to wipe the drool off my computer.  

I suppose our menu might run from Wednesday-Wednesday this week? Odd  weekly setup. but since we missed the first two days, it would give me enough time between to see what we need and get it.

I made this menu BEFORE our Halloween party on Saturday - and now looking in our freezer and fridge, we have an ABUNDANCE of leftovers...they are spilling out of the refrigerator. This is why there are only four recipes above, and not seven.  I have a feeling for the next three days we will be eating out of the containers from Saturday night!!


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