October 25, 2010

Good Reads - a membership for life and love

I love books. that is no mystery to the depth of my love for the novel.  I recently heard that Gilmore Girls may or may not be coming out with a movie.  However, my feelings are mixed.  This got me to thinking about Rory our common love for the written word.  She always had a book in hand...which then got me looking for the list of books (because not only do I love books but I love lists!).



Both of the above links have Rory Gilmore's book list...and maybe instead of tackling the NY Times List (yawn!), I would attempt Rory's extensive list...and the plus side? Some of the books on the list are mandatory reads for my students. Fabulous!
I recently told a friend that once I blog about something I am going to do, I don't follow through....we were trying to figure out  why that is. Perhaps it's because I get it off my chest - I declare it to the world, and that is enough for me.....so I am hoping that THIS book list will be different (I am going to try a lil harder this time!)

*I joined the Rory Gilmore Book Club on Goodreads.com - so excited to meet people from all walks of life who enjoy reading and my favorite cancelled show!
The first book I am reading (I already had it shipped from a library nearby) is called The Portable Dorothy Parker by Dorthy Parker.  I will keep you posted on it's fabulousness or not...

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Arlene said...

I miss the Gilmore Girls and watch the reruns way too much!! Good luck with the book list!!