November 08, 2010


I am not sure what happens sometimes..but I start thinking and  I can't stop. It's very much like the book, "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie." - when you give me an idea, I will just keep going and going with other ideas that are somewhat and than not somewhat related. 
This morning I was searching in my heart and on the web for something to write about...I found this project which at first I loved .  The concept is heartfelt, and I would love to do this every year for the holidays. The point was to take a family picture on Thanksgiving each year, and then have each person write about what they are thankful for that year.  The fun part is that each year, a new person may show up - then they get to be part of the tradition!

   But then I started thinking how sad it will be when people aren't there - namely my grandparents. I don't know why I do this to myself, but I start thinking about stuff that involves family and starting/continuing traditions, it takes a turn for just sad. So now I am sitting at my desk at work, trying to compose myself and I just have tears streaming down my face.

Any reasonable person wouldn't cry over what is an obvious fact. People age. People change. Sometimes, people aren't there. Always in the end, people leave. Sometimes earlier than you hoped in life. Any normal person would relish the idea to have a Thanks Album and to start a really interesting and fun idea - regardless of the time or what might happen in the future.

 Not me. It just makes me sad.
 I hate change.

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