October 03, 2010

Project #30 or the opposite

Some may look at these pictures and think, "Wow! Great idea!".  I look at this and think BLASPHEMY!   For me, Halloween is the time of year that I throw caution to the wind, and test my dental  plan - I consume mass amount of chocolate and sweets.  There is no stopping me once the candy is in the house.  So when I see projects that consist of glue and any sort of sugary snack, a red flag appears. WHAT?!  Why would someone waste perfectly good candy?  
For example, while standing on line at Shop Rite - I glanced over at the recent issue of Woman's Day magazine, and doth my eyes decieve me? Hot glued candy corn?? 
I couldn't bear the thought, and I immediately put down the magazine and cringed.  How could they?!
The saga continues....as All You magazine glues not just candy corn, but an array of candy goodness to a cone and calls it decoration.  
Now, usually I am all for these two magazines, but when it comes to gluing, stapling, ironing, sewing, patching, taping,  and anything that does not consist of eating - it worries and pains me. I realize that I should post projects and ideas that I favor, but I couldn't let this slide.  Please. For the love of candy.  

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