October 06, 2010

I see you! Project Idea #26 1/2

As a child, I had a doll house filled with tiny furniture, little people, and teensy appliances.  My favorite was an itsy bitsy gum ball machine.  It was painted red, and had multicolor dots inside to mimic gum balls.  Eventually, after playing with it too much, the mini gum ball machine met it's maker. I dropped it on the wooden floor, and the glass broke spilling out all the miniatures gum balls.  Sadden, I sought to find another one to replace it.  Years passed, and I forgot about it.   My father did not forget.  When I moved into my house, my father pulled out of his attic an old gum ball machine that he found at a garage sale years ago.  He wanted to restore it to its original color - fire engine red - much like my itty bitty doll house version. I told him not to worry about it because I was just so overjoyed to have a real one! And it even works!
This year for Halloween, I decided to fill it with eye balls.  I found at Michaels a pack of 4 foam eyeballs.  It would only make sense to purchase 13 packs!  
 They are a little too big to actually go through when you insert money, so I just put one eye ball in the bottom to make it more realistic!

We aren't sure where our jar of treats will go for the month of October, so right now it is by the front door next to another eye ball...just slightly larger :)

Do you have any decorations that you display throughout the year, that if you add something small - it becomes a Halloween scare?


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Vic said...

wow...how neat....we don't do anything dramatic...simple delights:)