February 15, 2009

Love your Honey with No Money

Not everyone can shower their love with candies and flowers (though it would be nice!) - so finding cheap ways to show your love on the 14th is ideal.

The typical date on Valentine's Day consists of dinner and a movie. To make this a little easier on the wallet, why not decide on cooking at home?

If you are looking for a little wine and chocolate, how about the Alba Wine/Chocolate Tasting? My kind of event - get to sample different wines and chocolates....all for a whooping $5! I did this last year, and their dessert wines were so delicious - I dreamt about them for many nights after.

February 09, 2009

How to be single without being such

Since writing last, I have finished that horrid book (if you didn't catch what I was reading- please don't even waste your time finding out) and started a new book - "How to be Single".
I started this book last Tuesday, the night before Mr. went on his work trip. He didn't have a chance to be briefed on my latest novel. When he came back Friday afternoon, I was still at work. He came upstairs to find the book laying on our bed. He told me later, he thought to himself "Gee - she sure got comfortable with the idea of me being away!" I laughed because the book was not a "How-to" yet a fictionalized story about a group of middle-aged women who have yet to find love in their lives.

This story is refreshing, funny and very addictive. I find myself taking it with me wherever I go. This book is very much like "Sex in the City", its outlandish scenes that make you wonder if its really possible in the world to be that outgoing (for I, myself, am not).

February 01, 2009

The past reminds you

I sometimes get caught up in things that used to be. Either past friendships, broken relationships - or situations that I never really quite understood. Tonight I found myself in that same place. I often can go back in time and read through old journal entries, blog sayings - and reconnect with the person I used to be. I often feel like I am two people. I think about the girl, who when put to the limit, expresses her feelings in such a way - that even years later, I still can remember the moment I wrote it. Then there is the modern me, I feel = but I feel I don't have time to write about it...or the emotions are strong enough to get a grasp on WHAT to write....

This is something I found, I almost wanted to give myself a pat on the back...because I remember the moment I realized I was worth more that what I was given. I thank God everyday that I finally realized that.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005
you say i talk too much. that i think too much - that i read into everything and I look for trouble.
the truth is what you are hiding from - we dont talk enough. we dont talk at all. you dont know me. you dont know what happens each day -
we hide from ourselves the truth that we have grown apart. we are different people than what we were when we first started. I was foolish always to believe something like this would last.
I need more. i crave the attention that you withhold from me. i talk too much. i think too much. im just too much of everything for you. and you are just too little of anything for me. - kmw

I think about the me, now. I don't think I would even like Mr. tell me those things, but then again I don't think he would even think it. He likes that I talk. alot. enough sometimes for the both of us. Or that I read, and think, and ponder.