March 24, 2009

Ode to the Things I love

I want to write. I have the need to put my words down on paper. However, when I try, my mind draws a blank. The words are totally forgotten.

Here I sit, in front of my computer - with a list an arm's length long of things I should be doing. However, instead I am thinking of all the projects that I simply can not wait to attend to.
This is an ode to the things I love:

Sneakers. Purses.
There are two ways to tackle this. I love buying them, and I love the idea of organizing them. In my closet, I have shelves dedicated to the seasons. I have a winter, spring, and summer shelf for my purses and shoes.
Secondly, I like the idea of MAKING my own purses. I feel like there are so many patterns, fabrics and ideas out in the world - just waiting for me to grab on and create!

Recycling bags.
Mr. calls me a bag lady. I love to put things in bags. Our bills - in a plastic bag. Our junk mail - in a plastic bag. My gym clothes, my lunch, my graded papers, the one sock missing its twin - all in plastic bags. Perhaps I should invest in fancy pants recycling bags.

What to say? I love books. I love the smell, the feel, the texture - and the shelves full. I like organizing them, rearranging them, and stacking them accordingly to date, author and genre. I toyed with the idea of getting the Kindle - but the thought of not having the pages between my fingers was enough to draw a tear to my eye - I decided against it.

Board games.
As a child I remember fondly of all the board games I would play with my family. I still have my favorites, locked tight in a box under my bed - awaiting for when future allows my children (unborn) to play.
I like finding websites pertaining to board games and dreaming of the day that I will one day have a closet, or room, big enough to hold everything. My favorite site must be Lime Green. They have the neatest toys, but I especially like the board game listed here called Quelf. We put this on our registry - I hope we get it!

My last two words -Stationery supply.


March 09, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife chills me

I am in the process of reading "The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first picked up a copy (and I hate to admit it but after $6 in library fines, and three separate times checking the book AND audio book out - I am ALMOST finished.)

I started this post over a year ago, yet I just couldn't find the time to finish the book - or the post. When the book came out on the big silver screen, I thought "this is the swift kick in the pants I need to finish!". Yet, now the movie is OUT of the theaters, and I am still only on disc 10 of the audio version.

I know my current post is not selling the book, but what I mean to say is - I SHOULD have made time. Though I am STILL not finished, I couldn't help but want to write about it.

I admit, the book had me at time travel. I am a sucker for "A Wrinkle in Time" - and to maybe have the adult romantic version of this, tickled my fancy.

The story introduces Henry, a librarian (my 2nd favorite job choice - next to a Blockbuster employee), who suffers from CDP (Chrono-Displacement Disorder) which carries him away from the present time to some time in the past or future. One moment you are reading how he is walking across the street to meet his wife Claire, then he is standing (naked) in a corn field circa 1980.

Originally the book was a little hard to follow, but the book technically follows the life line of Claire, Henry's wife - from her childhood to middle age. Henry appears and disappears time and again, at various ages and stages of his life - but Claire continually ages.

I would recommend this book to everyone, but I would make sure you have a set amount of time to read - as you don't want to put it down (and it could be confusing to restart!).

Happy travels!