October 25, 2010

Boo-tiful cupcakes

Hallloween Party. I have one every year. We have yet to master the amount of food to make . It seems that in the past, we always have too much. WAY WAY WAY too much.  For example, we cook two trays of everything - and then we have leftovers for weeks and weeks.  Sometimes, we even have to throw food out...and it seems like such a waste! I hope that this year we have mastered the food situation.
But  what we really don't have a handle on is the amount of desserts to make or not make.....I always find some cupcake that peeks my interest - but not everyone is a cupcake eater (I can't believe this but it's true). If I had the time and the people around to eat them, these designs are adorable!

Not sure what I will go with - but I figured I will chose ONE design, since my usual MO is to make an overwhelming amount of work for myself hours before the party...and if not the party - I can always make these just for us!


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