October 18, 2010

Welcome to my home - come in my pretties

I take special pride in decorating for the holidays, so I wanted to show you the outside of our house BEFORE my husband thought it was a good time to rip off our aluminum siding. I am so psyched for the project to be complete, because hopefully it will reveal the original cedar shakes!  We are hoping to restore our house back to the original look of the 1920s - yes, but with a graveyard in the front.

If your least favorite movie is "Arachnophobia", our house is not the place to visit! We have HUGE spiders crawling all over....these are my absolute favorite! They hang around corners, and look like they are trying to break in!! eeek!
Who knew the trees in our yard casted such shadows!

I love the graveyard and how it turned out this year.  After I took this picture, we finally filled a wheelbarrow up with leftover dirt, and stuck a few skull heads (yup, who doesn't have those lying around!) and a shovel in it.  Looks like we stopped a grave robbing!

My husband a few years ago made the fencing for Halloween - complete with gargoyles.  

We took plywood and cut them to make pillars. Then we taped off the pillars and spray-painted brick work.  Mr. took piping and bought fencing.  We get so many compliments! Some people even think we should have it up year around!! (Not so sure about that......)
Who really wants this guy lurking around your property?  My husband's favorite cartoon was Gargoyles, so it made me happy that we were able to find some that looked as creepy as in the cartoon!!

And a yard isn't complete unless you have a furry beast. 
My favorite is our ferocious guard dog......

Alright, maybe not so ferocious....

Happy Decorating!!


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Kirsty said...

Gorgeous! Your blog is SO CUTE! :) love it.

Kara Marie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!