October 18, 2010

Project #20something

3D Halloween Wreath

What you Need
foam circle wreath (I used 14 inch)
ribbon (whatever color you would like)
wooden circles (this was the hardest to find!)
fun Halloween scrap booking paper
wooden ball dowels
orange paint

How to start
Wrap the foam with your choice color ribbon and pin it (I taped it but to look better, I would pin it!).
Then paint all the wooden circles and wooden dowels. I had 8 dowel balls and 18 wooden circles.  Glue the wooden dowels to painted side of the circle (so if the backside of your wreath shows it still is festive!).  Note that I did it backwards. oops!

I used Outdoor mod podge and glued circles of Halloweenie/fall scrap-booking paper on the wooden circles.

I figured out the pattern I wanted to place the circles on the wreath.  

I let it dry and then hung it up on my front porch!! Looks so cute! I would show you my porch, but we are residing our house and it's a disaster!

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