October 19, 2010

Hot diggity dog!

Only once a year, depending on where you live, can you get dressed up in costume and not be considered a fool (well...sort of.) There has never been a Halloween that I did not dress up for - whether it was a bee, clown, Frankenstein's Bride, or the Queen of Hearts - Come the month of October, my brain is on disguise mode.      Now that we have a little puppy in house, a costume for her only seems fitting.  I don't mean her to wear it for 31 days straight, but when I answer the door on Halloween  day, she will be at my heels dressed as something...and not just her adorable self.  My husband finds this idea a new form of torture, but I am convinced she will be fine.  Besides, she gets upset when you take off her collar - and at the sight of a blanket, she wraps up herself.  Not much different! (okay okay. I realize there is a difference but  let me have this one day!)
Not all of the costumes below would work, because our dog is a little ball of fur (she is a 5year old Shitszu who thinks she a puppy romping around).  But in my search for the perfect getup, I found some outfits that  were funny or creative.

**This picture is my friend's dog! How cute! (After reading the blog, she sent me the picture!!)
Thanks Paola for sending me Nina's threads :)

I started to notice that I liked the ones that made the dog look like a pony....weird.
But alas, and though I giggled while searching for dog costumes - the one I am stuck on reminds me of a movie I watched as a kid - The Ewoks. Our dog's face looks just like an Ewok, and though an official costumes does not exist - I can imagine it is not that hard to create. All you really need is a piece of thin leather and brown fabric for the hood.  

 I love it. I don't care if its torture.....she will totally rock her ewok hoodie! Now the true form of torture will be me trying to tackle the sewing machine.....
Have you decked out your pet for the holidays?  Please don't judge me :)


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Paola said...

Omg ur blog made me laugh out loud and I thought I should share this with u. Not the best pic but I dressed up Nina like a chicken one year. Lol.