October 04, 2010

Project #29 Pimp your window

This isn't really a project, moreso a review.
In college, I didn't want to give up celebrating or decorating for the holidays, so an easy and little-space needed way was to decorate the windows. I had (and probably still have) quite an array of window clings for all holidays.  Though I can't tell you where I put my stash of plastic celebratory clings, I have upgraded my window status. I bought window clings that cover our whole window in Michaels and Christmas Tree Shop (both by Martha Stewart) - which look great on our porch.  I love Martha. And I like how I only have to use her first name, and everyone knows who I am talking about right away. This year, we purchased the witch cling and decided to create a - "witch" area on our front porch, including the witch cling, extra witch brooms leaning against the house, and a calderon (filled with the smoke machine).

The skeleton window cling we bought two years ago, and I liked it so much - I decided that every window should be covered.  Lucky for our budget,  we only have four windows facing the front! I didn't realize the vast array of choices that are out there.  In our Michaels, two types are offered - a witch and a Frankenstein (both of which we proudly own).  Using a 40% coupon, the clings are only $6!You can cut the plastic to fit your window, and it rolls neatly back onto the plastic from which it came from.

After researching Martha and her clings, I realized there was one design I do not have - but must get my hands and my windows on them.  Spiders! At a later date, I will show you the front of my house, and it will make complete sense why locating these spider clings are a must.  This is what our living room looks like (not finished yet!), we have them all over the place!  Imagine the front of our house,  attacked by 5 foot spiders! yuck!

 In addition to window designs, Martha has a bunch of adorable, yet scary (and not chintzy) decorations for your house and your craft room.  Some projects you need to actual put together, and some already come assembled - just find a place and voila! My fear of mice and the creekiness of our stairs made me purchase the black mice silhouettes.  Again, with a coupon I spent less than five dollars on over 15 mice.   They are eerie and atleast twice a day, I do a little jump when I pass our stair case.  But they still make me laugh because they are so gross, and it the dark - they definitely resemble the real thing! Right now, we only put a couple around the  stairwell, but plan to put the rest around the house.  To torture our little dog Princess, I tacked a mouse silhouette by her food dish, so it appears it is eating out of her food dish.   Apparently, she doesn't care (or doesn't see it!). What a brave little dog!  


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