September 04, 2010

Please Please Please Let me get what I want

After staying up the wee hours by myself, with company of my dog (she is a great sidekick), I just decided what I need. I want. I must have.

A cricut. After this realization, I ran up the stairs to whisper this in my husband's ear while he was sleeping, so I hope he dreams of it!  But I said it fast and low so maybe he will subconsciously dream of crickets - sounds somewhat like my new lust! Right now it is on sale for a whooping $97 at AC Moore! Which is more than half price!
I don't know what exactly I would do with this machine - but it seems every blog I read, the bloggerette (yes. I made that word up) has one! And she creates beautiful projects!  

Hopefully, I will continue whispering sweet nothings of craft machines in my husband's ear, or I will just take matters into my own hands!  

What kind of projects have you made with this pretty little thang? Leave a comment with your link!


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♥The Sweet Life♥ said...

Hi! Awesome blog! I found you through blogfrog!! I'm now following & I added your button. I invite you to follow me if interested. I also invite you to a Weekend Blog Hop going on hosted by me. It's my first one lol. Feel free to participate & link up your blog!

Daisy said...

While I do hope you get what you want.....what in hell IS that thing?
A not-craftsy mom

Kara Marie said...

Daisy - It's a printer looking machine that prints out fonts, word, pictures, clipart, pretty much anything you want! You can print on any material and it comes out cut out already...that is pretty much what I THINK it is. If I get it, I will report differently :)

Arlene said...

My sister in law has one and she loves it! They used it to make my baby shower invites, and she made a great framed pic for the babys room with it. very cool machine