September 28, 2010

Halloween Fun using your printer

As a teacher I am obbessed  with printables - I use them as rewards for students who are finished with their work, or downtime activites.  The Python printable website has an array of Halloween games that are so neat for the classroom and home! I searched through their database of over 50 printable activities, and found games that span all age ranges. I used some of the "Kids' Halloween"  Activities (word searches,vocabulary sheets, puzzles) for my classroom -and then stumbled upon more "adult" games.

  We have an annual Halloween and plan on  incorporating some of the games.   My favorite is the scavenger hunt - the website gives you easy clues with simple household objects to locate.  We decided to make prizes (ranging from candy to wine!) for the winners.  This site seriously takes the  cake of finding fun  at parties.    
What I like the best about the site is it was fast to download and super easy to print off.  I'll be honest - at first when I saw the site, I was a little hesitate to even write about it, thinking how exciting can printables be?! But then I downloaded them, and they actually were quite cute!  What I like the best is how they are organized on the site - breaking the activities into : Kids',Teens, Adults, Party games, Trivia games, and word games. My son's favorite was the NFL printables, which included sports trivia , matching of  players to teams and a word search.  This kept him busy in the car as we searched the stores for additional Halloween decorations :)  

On their website, they advertise as followed:

Our printable Halloween party games pack is huge! We have over 50 printable items, including scavenger hunts, trivia, party games and craft activities suitable for Halloween, Fall Harvest and Thanksgiving.

The products are delivered by encrypted download. Once a customer pays, they receive an email link to their download page. This will allow us to send bloggers their review samples in moments, so this is not too close to the deadline for Halloween or the rest of Fall.

The price is $19.95 for over 50 games, which should make it very appealing!

To find out more about these games and what fun you could have,check it out! The site allows you to download a few Halloween coloring pages, and a coupon for $5.

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