September 05, 2010

Haunt My House

I can't believe the summer is over and I am posting about Halloween!  My brain can't wrap around the idea of projects, but I will gladly post what our house looks like!

My husband and I made haunted gates to welcome our guests throughout October. We took planks of wood making a pillar on either side of the fencing. Then we taped the sides and spray painted them gray and made it look like it was bricked.  We made a fence out of PVC piping and painted it black to resemble fencing in a graveyard.
Lastly, we put gargoyles on the top of the pillars. That is my favorite part of the display!  People actually thought we had them up all year round!!

The creepy spiders crawling up our house are my favorite!  We have over 8 spiders crawling up the house (they are HUGE!!!) and actually are quite frightening.

Each year we try to create an additional Halloween decoration.....any thoughts of what to add to our house?   


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