September 07, 2010

Etsy Love

Recent Etsy I am looking through my google reader - I come across the cutest hair bands that are on sale for a whooping $5! five dollars?! I heart headbands and this certainly will pimp my hair.  The elastic band doesn't seem like it will squeeze my head (a reason why I can't wear hairbands all day). And for 5 dollars? I have met my hair's soulmate.  
I quickly purchased three - it took me no more than three minutes to pick them out and buy them. I can't wait for them to arrive! There are all different colors and styles to check out!!
After perusing the site, I settled not only on three hairbands, but also a necklace. The flower jewelry has three fabric flowers attached to a chain.  I already have my outfit picked out when it arrives in the mail!

Check out The Trendy Owl's Etsy site to see all the different types of designs!  


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Kristin said...

I love Jocelyn from The Trendy Owl! Looks like you picked out some cute ones :-)