March 03, 2010

Where in the World is Kara?

I have been missing for almost two full weeks. Yet, today I was found. To start off, I didn't have my computer for one full week - it was as if someone ripped out a vital organ. I didn't realize how much I use my computer till I didn't have it at my finger tips!
Secondly, I have been without creativity. Not sure where it went - or if it's back to stay. However, I am seizing the opportunity to write while I can!

Motivation. I need this M word in my life. After realizing very little outfits still properly fit in my closet, I must do something about it. I (re)joined the gym and went this morning bright and early. I also updated my status on I am VERY excited to use this site, as it seems very much like the Weight Watchers site, but FREE!

You not only track your progress of workouts, but nutrition, weight, and recipes. It is super easy and very friendly! (doesn't greet you friendly, but you know what I mean:)

This is the start of something new, something great, and I am seizing it! Raise your glass to a smaller version of me! (a glass of wine I hope! Though I don't think that will help me lose any


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liz said...

Hey Kara! I found you through BF. I really like your blog - it looks so much different than everyone's. Love the license plates, and that you have dedicated themes! I'm going to keep coming back throughout the week. :)