March 29, 2010

Don't Cage Me

There are moments where I honestly feel trapped. Though I am sure most people feel this way, I'm not sure what to do about it. I don't like the feeling that I am stuck at my job, stuck paying my bills, stuck period. This is in no way a rant, but there are times I wish I had more free time to do the things I dream about. So what inspires me are all the art pieces relating to bird cages. Not only do I feel an emotional connection, but they remind me of something whimsy, magical. All the artwork to the side was found on - I just wish I had space to buy it all and display it!

I am in love. I am in love with this website - Ruche. Everything, and I mean everything, is something that belongs in my closet. Did I mention I would need a new house to replace my closet? Going with the birdcage theme (four stars for themes!), I found this necklace that I NEED. Yes, much like I need water and food - the same type of needing.

It is called Lemon Rose Bird Swing Necklace - handmade! The bird is adorable, and I like the touch of the yellow rose. I would feel a tad guilty buying it for myself, but ho hum. Why not?!

For a whooping $30, I feel like that is a deal. Now....what to wear with it.....

Other bird jewelry that peeked my interest and plucked my heart strings? I love the idea of wall stickers - and how cute are these?
They would look adorable in a girls room, or a craft room....ahhh - I can see it now!

On our front porch these pillows would be a great addition!
Thanks to etsy - finding cute items are so easy peasy. This 50s birdcage pillow would be a great summer purchase.

Buying all of the jewelry I would want, I would need some sort of organizer - I received this from my family last Christmas. I love the style. However, with the amount of necklaces I own, I may need another!
This was from Urban Outfitters, but there are a bunch of different ones available. What I really need is an organizer for earrings, and again at Urban Outfitters I have found my match! Round and round my earrings can spin.

I am a bit dismayed, as my pictures are extremely tiny! Nonetheless, as long as the item itself is bigger than a postage stamp, I am a happy camper!


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