March 08, 2010

Doctor Brother

Today is a good day. Fantastic day in fact. My younger brother, whom I have not lived near in over 10 years, will be moving within 20 minutes of me! He just received word just now of where he will have his residency (medical school), and I am delighted to find that he will be so close! How wonderful! Therefore, this post is dedicated to him.

Why get a foot massage when you can put these slippers on and get the ultimate therapy?
For $24? So funny. So cute.

Need an IV? How about settling for an IV ice/hot pack. I seem to have a collection of creative ice packs in my freezer. Not sure why I have so many, because I don't bump body parts that often. But among my frozen fish, Mister Mr, and Hello Kitty ice packs, I might be able to make room for this.

This is just what the doctor ordered.

Calling all newborns! I didn't baby outfits would get any cuter, but I couldn't resist writing about this when I found it. I don't know anyone who would find use for this right now, but it is simply adorable! My favorite part to this outfit is the "stethoscope graphic casually slung around the neck, and an embroidered pocket with pen to write those teeny tiny prescriptions." At Royal Baby Boutique, a little Baby M.D. will surely warm hearts :)

Don't listen to your mom - Germs can be fun! How else can you give your friends gonorrhea, Rabies, and chicken pox without having some major explaining to do?! Microbes are fun for all ages! Get your hands on the swine flu, gangrene, toxic mold, and a variety of other gross and disgusting germs and diseases. Afterwards, wash your hands. Don't forget to rinse, lather, repeat.

Here here to my lil brother!! Congrats to your new position, and your next chapter of your life!! Love you tons!!


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