February 16, 2010

Skating on History

This past weekend, I had a chance to pretend I was living in the 1920's. It was magical. It all seemed very convincing, minus the DJ blasting "Thriller" and Lady Gaga. We live very close to the Morris Canal, a little piece of history that use to carry items to different locations across the tiny state of New Jersey. By the 1850s, it was replaced by railroads, but the canal way is still mostly intact.

My lovely town, once a year, holds a Valentine's Day Canal Skate. They have bushels of hay, small bonfires, a DJ - and you are allowed to skate across the water that over 200 years ago, brought coal from one end of the state to the other. The town decorates the trees with Christmas lights, and a waterway - no wider than 20 feet - you are permitted to skate up and down the area to the wonderful sounds of modern music.

It was a fabulous way to ring in Valentine's Day weekend. I sadly only have a picture of the area in the summertime, but use your imagination and visualize Christmas lights in the woods, every 50 feet a small fire with hay to sit on (along the path), and snowy lightly falling.

Romantic Snow Globes by WiddlyTinks.com

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and enjoyed it with those they love!


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