February 08, 2010

Love at first click

Could it be true? I'm falling in love all over again. With an envelope to hold my To DO Lists. *deep sigh*

While ranting about PB & Jelly spoons, I came across Organize.com - I'm not sure if they had me in mind when this site was created,, but to boost my ego, I'm going to assume the answer is yes.
Not only does this website deal with organizing, but it deals with it fashionable. My heart skips a beat. For this entry I can only focus on the catergory "Office" because if I look at the many other items listed, I would never go to bed!

The Errand Organizer seems to suit my needs just dandy. What draws my attention is the many jobs of this organizer - file folders, to do lists, stickers...etc. I love the contrasting teal and orange colors. It would fit nicely inside most purses/bags.

Another fabulous list is the Chore List, which could be given to not only your children, but husband or wife (hehe). The columns are divided into Inside Chores, Outside Chores, and everyday. At the top - you can write whose list it is, in addition to the date. There is also a space for what you get in return for completing the tasks...I just think this is a wonderful check list. Two stars from me.

This picture doesn't seem to be the greatest, but check out the site to see it up close...or order a pad for yourself! Start making your chore list...or atleast start writing on them :)

To go along with my Wino Wednesdays, there is a "Rate that Wine" pad. How fun! Coaster included. " Don't want to forget where to buy it? Record the store name in the clever Purchased From section. Once you've started drinking, be sure to rank the spirit's label, color, clarity, nose, body, flavor and finish... but realize that the options are for the less discerning (and more honest) among us." I will stick my nose in the air, and with my plastic wine glass, rate my $10 bottle!
If I let myself get carried away, this entry could be neverending....However, I am going to only post a few more items that I love from this website. Perhaps I will revisit this site again (and again).

Mail Sorter? I posted awhile ago but what I would like to make...but if my sewing machine and I disagree, I could just buy this organizer. (I never get tired of saying that word!) There are four slots, labled "Pay Me", "Respond To Me", "Notice Me", and "Read Me". There is also a little slot for stamps. This is fabulous, since I recently discovered 34 cent stamps - probably because I didn't have an organizer for them!


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Kristen said...

I LOVE IT!!!! You are so AWESOME!!!! Keep it up I love and miss your wisdom all in the same thought. I know that I have told you this before but I kind of look forward to reading your words of wisdom... Although I do often wonder how you find the time to do this. When are we starting the gym buddy... I need you I've been slacking!!! It's so easy to press snooze in the morning when you know the only thing you are looking forward to is the gym. For some reason bed is sooo much more intriguing!