January 12, 2010

These shoes are made for walking....

New Year's Eve brought not only the new year in, but also to light a new type of shoes. Walking shoes to be exact. A family friend works at a local shoe store, and commented how the new rage was the butt shoes. Women were driving from states away to claim their own sneaker. They were throwing caution to the wind, and standing on lines in the rain and snow to get their smelly feet in Reebok's Easy toning sneakers. Wait - Butt shoes?
What is this?!
I dismissed the idea, and for 11 days it was out of my mind. However, at the mall last night, I discovered what the butt shoes were. They are one word: comfortable. Foot Locker only had one pair, the display model, and convinently in my size! They were mine. Literally, I bought them, and ran out of the mall.
Today is the first day I am wearing them. Do I feel a difference? Sure! My body is sore. But that could be because last night I got a deep tissue massage, and the little Romanian woman completely roughed me up. I believe I may be black and blue bruised. However, I can pretend it's the shoes doing their magic.

However, if it is to boast my ego - it is a definitely plus. I have received complements from all people today about my new kicks. How stylish they are. How NON-orthopedic they look. and so on.
I have to say they are extremely comfortable, and it's almost like walking on a trampoline. Not sure what they are doing for my thighs and glutes, but they are a wonderful for my poor feet. A consumer was reported saying, "These shoes force you to walk with perfect posture or you feel like you will lose your balance. They also force your midsection to remain still, both of which will definitly strenghen your core."

Not sure if that is happening to me or not, but I can say - Day One: Success.


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Carolynn said...

I have been working on your makeover and ALL the other projects that I have piling up that I haven't really had the chance to even look at your posts... I was just browsing at your posts and I am curious what your experience with these shoes has been past day one? ~Carolynn