January 29, 2010

February Goals

With the end of Jan, I only truly reached one full goal. I have off a week in February, and I will have the whole week to myself. It will be wonderfully exciting - as I plan to accomplish some of these goals during that time.

In the month of Feb, I would like to do the following:

1. Organize ALL my craft items, including what is in our basement and bedroom. It needs to all go in one spot.

2. Walk twice a week. Rather than being somewhat general with my healthy goal, I think I need to be more specific in what I am looking for.

3. Make and mail valentines. I will ALMOST settle for just buying and mailing, as I am horrible at mail. I found Christmas cards that I stamped and addressed that I never mailed. The REAL kicker was the stamps were 37 cents. So that gives you a little insight on how long I had them for....I apologize to my friends and family that in 2002 I never mailed my cards.

4. Organize books and magazines. That is quite a project. However, I have found that this goal is almost accomplished, as I started it in January. There is no need for magazines dating back from when I was in high school. No need at all.

5. Organize basement. THAT is a task - and I won't be too disappointed if I only complete half of that.

6. Tell my husband that he is great because I know he doesn't hear it enough, and I know he doesn't think this often enough.

I hope I find more success in February then I did in January.


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