January 29, 2010

The 29th brings January goals to an end

One month. 30 days. January goals? Let me repeat them:

Posted on Dec 29th
"January's goal I am already trying to achieve and that is:
Simplify. Minimize. downgrade. We have SO much stuff - I really want to spend the month sorting through each room, and reorganizing furniture, wall hangings, belongings - and decide what we outgrew (or just what I outgrew), and rearranging everything so there is less.

My second goal (which I attempt every year) is to actually get healthy. Get on the path to rightousness through my diet and exercise (lack of!). I am carrying around all of this weight, making me feel less like me. If I could find excerise TWICE a week (in any shape or form) for the month of January - that would be 8x more than normal.

Craft space.
I would like a space of my own."

Back to 2010. About those goals - soooo.....Organizing? half check. I didn't realize when I made this lofty goal I had so many paper. I didn't factor in that I am a packrat, and I seem to have every piece of paper I ever wrote in stored in bins. I also didn't factor in that we own alot, and I will restate that ALOT of stuff. I dutyfully attempted to downsize our "important papers" from four plastic bins, to two paper boxes (neatly ogranized and filed/color coded.) Our "paperwork" is in order. Our closets? pantry? bathroom? Our life? Not at all. I think this will be a goal that I will be working on for the rest of the year, perhaps rest of my life. Looking back, I should have been more specific when I said organize. If I was to travel back 30 days ago - I would say "organize paperwork in basement, and properly file all our important papers." Let's pretend I can do that.....and yay! My goal has been met! (well...not really...so I'll give myself half credit)

2nd goal. Healthy? Eating better? Exercise? ummm.....let me just hang my head in shame......

Craft space? check. (See soon-to-be post). Organized craft space? big hell to the no. My dad, handy man that he is, helped me design the craft closet of my dreams. Everything I need and want (for crafting and creating) can fit inside the space. I have yet to find the time to finish organizing it. It seems I have an extraordinary amount of crafting materials lying around the house. HOWEVER, I went back and looked at the wording, and my simple goal was finding a crafting space of my mine - well, by golly, I think I've found it! Goal completed!! (Maybe Feb can tackle actually putting all the materials away!)

So - I posted three goals for the month of January, and after some revision of Goal #1, I have completed 1.5 goals. That is quite sad. Let's hope February brings more success. I will pot February goals on the 1st ....don't want to get ahead of myself or anything.....


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