January 13, 2010

Stop Dating? I dare say not.

After you are married, the honeymoon is over.....the actual vacation and then the phase. I read recently that dates are the most important part of any relationship. I would tend to agree.

Just because you might dress in sweatpants and clean up dirty diapers all day, doesn't mean you should stop dating. Just because you wear a suit and tie, drive a 4 door sedan, doesn't mean you should stop dating. (Though this does not apply to me yet, I have friends that complain of this exact situation).
When you get married - keep dating! (Hopefully each other :) Dates are utmost important to keeping your relationship in tact and fun.

This section is labeled "Romance Me"- because let's face it, who doesn't like to be romanced? In my mind, I always replay the scene from "Say Anything" where Lloyd Dobler stands in the rain, playing Sting's "In your Eyes". What a moment! Now, I don't expect my husband to catch a cold in order to prove his undying love, but a little spark every now and then would just wonderful.
Why not have a Hot Lunch? (Not the kind from 2nd grade served with mashed potatoes!) This is a service that creates a lunch box full of your date. I believe my favorite is "Night at the Drive-In"(see above). In the very stylish lunch box, it includes an invitation for the date, step by step instructions, candy, camera to document your fun, popcorn, two mugs, and a coupon for a movie. But the catch? Watch it in your garage! Now, this takes some planning on your part - but doesn't all dates?

They also have a box called "Cartoons and Cupcakes" - perhaps combining my two favorite things! Be a kid again - and watch cartoons, bake cupcakes - maybe even eat the icing first...and just enjoy the company of your loved one.


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