May 14, 2008

Wino Wednesday

Everyone loves wine!! Tonight I am tasting Purple Moon Merlot for the first time. and what a bite. um. and I don't know if that's a good thing! Though it does have the price beat, at $4 a bottle - it can kinda suck and still be worth it :) For starters, I am a bit biast because I'm not really a merlot fan - but I figured I'd give it a crack! The second sip (smells fruity at first, then I'm overcome with the smell of rubbing alcohol) is better than the first. With a little ice, I am able to finish my glass....gee - I still have the whole bottle ahead of me......

Tonight we are going to register at Macys. I said I don't mind what our main course is, what band we pick, what our color scheme is - I just really would like to eat off of these plates.
I could see every morning, waking up next to Bryan - and then coming down the stairs to a little birdie on my cereal bowl. I would wake up with a smile :)

2 hearts about my post:

Lara Kimmerer said...

I love those plates! Are you going to get them?

Kara said...

I'm hoping! We put them on our registry :)