May 19, 2008

Just another Mundane Monday - How to waste your workday

Don't want to be at work? There are countless ways to occupy your time till 5pm! (or 2:30 if you teach like me:)

I am mighty obbessed with blogs. I can't help it. I google blogs. The sheer pleasure on my face when over 1.2 billion sites come up on my flashing screen is enough to make my most happiest of days. I simply am in love with blogs. I feel Mr. should be slightly concerned :)

For starters: I love Mightygoods. This site contains loads of indie clothing from all across the web. Right on one simple site! Who knows what you could find!

It was as if this site was made for me. Heaven opened and then the candy blog was created. I read maybe one of the funniest books Candy and Me by Hilary Lifton, which is what reminds me of this site....Her off beat humor about her anything-but mild obbession with candy is enough to send me into sugar fits. The author of the book and designer of the website should meet and discuss their sweet love for Fireballs, Nonpareils and circus peanuts.

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