May 27, 2008

Mundane Mondays...Wait! Its Tuesday :)

Gee golly - I love having Mondays off. It makes my work week fly! Well, truthfully - I think this will be one of the slowest weeks because we are getting near the end of school - and NO ONE wants to be here anymore.

So here's to the Monday passed!!

How to waste away your workday - whenever that is....

Thinking about food....lots and lots of tasty treats....

Oftentimes I like to think I am a pastry chef, a baker of sorts...I will research all these fancy dessert recipes - photocopy, label them and put them in my cookbook...I am in one of those moods - so here's to Betty :)

In addition, if it was possible to fall more in love with someone - Mr. sends me an email with the subject GOSSIP. The body of the email contains some surprising news about friends of friends....that wasn't the part I cared about...he signed off his email by writing XOXO Gossip Guy. well, if that didn't seal the deal on me marrying him... I dont know what would.

Well you know which team I am on. This shirt from Fred Flare come in two teams; Team B and Team S and will only cost you a cool $24. A small price to pay for spreading Gossip Girl love.



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