August 05, 2010

A tisket a tasket put flowers in my basket

Currently my yard is in disrepair. There are bricks, stone dust piles, trailers, tall grass, and random flower pots spewed all over my lawn. We are attempting to "pretty" up the house, but in the process, the yard looks worse.
I purchased three hydrangea bushes (so pretty), an exotic lily plant, and lots of other nameless flower plants. I say nameless because my mom and I went out to buy flowers for my yard, and no plant (and I only could identify two types as hydrangea and lily) had a sticker or tag on it - and we just guessed and picked the brightest and best!  I can't wait till the hydrangea bushes are big enough where I can clip some flowers and put them in the center of our table.  
We are also trying to brick our driveway, as part of the driveway has only little pebbles.  This irritates my husband when we have to shovel snow - as pebbles go everywhere!  I am hoping that the projects do not take that long, and we stop looking like the abandoned house on the street!

Will post pictures when complete!


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