August 30, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

It's that time! School time! And with that comes a lot of planning at home.  As the school year starts, our schedules get busy. Super busy. Therefore, Mr. and I decided that planning our meals weekly would cut down on the stress at night.  I am going to (hopefully!) stick with it this time around!  

This week is CHICKEN week (That is only because for some reason we have an obscene amount of boneless chicken in our freezer. It is taking up all the space, and there is no room for ice cream! gasp!)

This week's menu looks like this:

 Parmesan Broiled Tilapia  w green beans

Taco Night!!

These recipes aren't in any order - but atleast I know I have the ingredients for the meals!  Wait - there are seven days in a week, but why did I only plan five meals?  We always have SOME sort of leftovers - so one night a week is leftover night, which is a mishmosh of all foods.  On the 7th day, we more than likely will eat out or eat over our families' houses.  If not, we have "quick" food that we can throw together (sounds unpleasant and unhealthy but more than likely we will run late from practice or work ONE night).  Therefore, I plan only five!  

As a special treat for the first day of school, I plan on making Bark. This treat has many different names, but in my family we call it Bark because my Uncle Mark and Aunt Barb make it every year for vacation.  YUM!


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