August 30, 2010

Dream a little dream of laundry

Sometimes I spend hours (and hours) day dreaming about what our next house will look like. I can't help but stroll down the aisles of Home Depot and Lowes, picking out the colors of all our rooms (in the fictitious house).  

First of all, I would like to have a laundry room. A real laundry room.  I realize I am fortunate enough to just have a washer and dryer, but in the end - they are located in our drabby basement.  I want to be able to hang cutesy signs, paint bright colors, etc.  

This is from KevinandAmanda and the laundry room looks fabulous!  Not totally over done and just big enough to do your business.  Mr. loves the drawers next to the washer/dryer.  It looks neat and organized.  I also love love the color on the walls!

If we happened to have a whole room for a laundry room, rather than a hallway space, I believe we would have to have a ton of storage. To store what...I don't know! Laundry stuff :)  I love the locker baskets (maybe to store lost socks?).  I love the shutters on the inside of the house, and the adorable decorations on the counter top.   It may be hard to see, but there is bubble glass instead of regular cabinet fronts.  LOVE. It is sad that my dreams consist of fancy pants washers and dryers?

A girl can dream......and blog about it!


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