August 29, 2010

Oh the Horror!

After crying my eyes out, and looking around my house in horror - I decided that maybe I shouldn't watch Hoarders again.  Every time I catch a minute of this show, I feel the need to purge.  Our unfinished basement holds all our useless treasures.  Yet it also functions as our laundry room.  In a perfect world, my laundry would have a real floor, real walls, and wouldn't be in a musty basement.  Till then, I must make due with what I have.
 After turning off the TV, I went downstairs and promptly made the basement look worse.  I threw everything that was organized on the shelves, on the floor. But - there is a method to my madness.  Does anyone else find when cleaning, or re-organizing, it seems to look worse before better?  I hope I am not alone.  if you are looking at the picture, I promise you there are walls and a floor somewhere.  And before I came downstairs and completely destroyed the space, everything seemed organized.  But after watching Hoarders - I felt I needed to redo everything. 

We recently redid Little's room, and had two extra short bookcases.  I wanted to move them in the basement, but didn't know where they would go.  Right now, all our holiday decor is stored under the stairs, and loads of extra things/garage sale items are in boxes all over the place.  I would prefer to use the bookshelves for the following:

Extra towels for the new member of our family (Princess, the dog)
Party Supplies (ribbons, party bags, etc)
Gifts (I ALWAYS have a gift lying around or two in case something comes up - housewarming etc)
tissue paper
Gift bags

I am not sure what else to do with the space so its more orderly....but I started bragging to my husband that my design (ummm.....what design??) will blow his mind.  I said it nice and slow too, to emphasize the blowing of the mind part.  Awesome. I have no plan at all.  And in less than ten minutes, I tore the basement up.  eeck! Now, the real question is - how long will it take me to put it back together?!

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