August 30, 2010

Give me an S-C-H-O-O-L!

Let's save on school shopping!  Who's excited?!

Went to Target today, and thought about setting up shop there permanently because I love the store so much.  I knew there was another reason why I am a teacher, and it starts with school shopping. The thought of looking for school supplies makes my heart flutter.  We set out on a quest to find pencil eraser tops and smencils.  And the smencils were for me. haha - I can't help it! When correcting students' papers, it would be great to sniff root beer or berries rather than high school smell. yuck. double yuck.

At Target, we searched high and low for lunch boxes.  I came across this one for me - and it seemed totally fitting because it is big enough to fit the oodles of tupperware I like to pack.  Ideally, if I could find a bento box that screams cutesy, I would jump on it.
Little didn't find a lunch box he liked, as going into 5th grade doesn't require having a "cute" lunchbox but a "tough" lunchbox.  He claimed he needs one that can bounce off his legs when he is swinging it by the handle.....okay. In the end, we settled on a plain green and black lunch box that had an inner "box" that either made the lunchpack hard or soft.  He was a happy camper!


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