August 06, 2010

Address me with your eyes

I have so many different address labels. Some with cats (yuck!), ducks, boats and frogs (why, I do not know).  Some labels have my correct name (what that is - who knows!), some with my maiden name mispelled, some with my married name, and some with a name I do not recognize.   One common trait amongst all of the labels is that they were free. My favorite F word!
After looking through websites, I found fabulous stamps that would get the job done.  I would be able to have the following: a correct name, correct address, and not have any crazy creatures that I am not fond of.  Etsy has a slew of address labels that I have fallen for.  

Clear stickers from tickledpinkpaper
My favorite!!!
So cute!!!
ModernArt Rubber Stamps


I think this may be one of my favorite simplest stamps!
from NoteTrunk

I can't stop looking through Etsy and finding all sorts of fun address stamps!!  This makes me want to toss all the free ones and get a stamp (or two!)


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