April 01, 2010

Easter Goodies

Dressing the table is not like dressing yourself. I guess it kinda is, as you want your table to look neat and presentable for guests; you wouldn't want to wear a coffee stained shirt and tattered pants to a dinner party!

Steering away from the true meaning of Easter, and discussing only the party aspects - there are a ton of ways to dress your table. For example, folding your napkins to look like bunnies. Cute - heck yes! Unnecessary, definitely. If you have the extra time, or an extra pair of hands, I say go for it! Otherwise, napkins are napkins.

Bunny napkin folding


Flowers would definitely brighten up the table for the holiday - why not add a little sugar to the mix? Putting tulips in a square vase, surrounding by peeps (sugary goodness - that I'm not a fan of. WHAT?!) Found on MANY websites, but my favorite designs were the following:

How to make your peeps the center of attention:

You need 1 large clear glass vase, one thinner vase that fits inside larger vase (leaving at least an inch between the two), cut flowers, and 20 or so Peeps bunnies or chicks

1. Fill the smaller vase with water and place the little vase in the big vase. Arrange the flowers in the smaller vase.

2. Fill the space between the two vases with Peeps, so the inner vase does not show. It may be easier to add the flowers at the end, so you don't have them in the way.

At Pampered Princess Parties, this picture was listed - but I think it's actually from a magazine. Either way, super cute!

However you may decorate your table - as long as you have loved ones by your side, I don't think it matters how it looks :) xoxo. Happy Easter!


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