April 27, 2010

I'm speechless for sleeveless

A flame has been lit underneath me. I am currently a gym-goer. Can it be?! You may be asking yourself, well gee I mentioned working out and fitness once before. What happened? Life happened. And before too long, I found that my pants were tight, and my shirts resembled candy wrappers around me. My friend and I are attempting to go to the gym every other day...and so far - I have been keeping up my end of the bargain.

I am hoping that a few months from now, this dress could be in my wardrobe. The Vera Wang dress would be smashing, on me and to my wallet.

Nonetheless, I am motivated and I want this. I want the weight to drop.

Any advice? Any recipes?


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Amanda E said...

Hey Kara, it's Amanda from Ridge last year. I am happy that you have started going to the gym. It's a good feeling once you get into the habit right? I started doing weight watchers in March and I have recipes. I can email or facebook them to you if you want. A couple good ones are: bean burritos, pasta with broccoli and chickpeas, I have a good weight watchers chicken parm if you like that, plus I have some good crock pot recipes if you are interested in some of those. let me know and best of luck to you!