April 23, 2010

Friday Night Date Club

You've lost that loving feeling...now it's gone. gone gone. oh no!! What to do?

Perhaps instill a Date of the Month Club featuring you and your sweetie. Each month, you swap between who plans one night out/in.

Something cheap and easy? I found this on The Whimsical Princess. For Valentine's Day, she gave her husband something wonderful. A Date of the Month membership.

On a certificate, she wrote the following:

Prince Charming
You have received a gift subscription to the
Date of the month club

This exclusive offer is only available to loving couples like you and your wife. Once a month you will receive an exciting date package in the mail including two destination dates. As a special offer to you we have included our exclusive love notes mailbox. We ask for nothing in return, simply complete the confirmation card and place it in the love notes mailbox. This mailbox is linked directly to your wife’s heart and when you put the flag up she will receive a special signal. Hurry don’t wait, these exciting dates are in high demand and we are certain you will be pleased with each one. We are so certain that you will enjoy being a member of the Date of the month club that we offer an automatic renewal with every paid membership. If you are enjoying your membership do nothing we will automatically renew your membership after 12 months, and provide 12 more exciting dates. But you must hurry this exclusive club is filling up quickly.

There is more! Because you have joined in the month of February we have included 10 Romance reward coupons. These coupons are exclusive of our club and you can not find them anywhere else. These coupons can be used at anytime throughout the year. Simply place the coupon you wish to use in the mailbox and it will be honored!

But wait there is more, for our very special customers we have included 20 kisses that can be redeemed at any time for a real kiss. Our clients find these especially rewarding and we are sure that you will use them up quickly. We know you will want your dates to start right away, and as an added bonus if you return your confirmation card within the next 48 hours we will rush you 10 extra kisses!

As we mentioned our exclusive mailbox is linked directly to your wife’s heart so we encourage you to leave notes for her, and she will do the same for you. Simply place the note in the box and place the flag up it is that simple.

I thought this was so neat! The certificate went inside a mini-mailbox, which would hold other goodies, in addition to "love notes".

Inside the mailbox, there was the certificate, a confirmation card, 20 coupons, and 20 kisses.

What I love the most is the Confirmation Card which has two boxes to check, which say the following "I can't wait to start my subscription please rush me my first date package right away!" AND " I am submitting this within 48 hours so please also include my extra Romance Reward tickets."

How thoughtful and romantic. Kudos to you Whimsy Princess!


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