April 06, 2010

Tuesday blah blah blah blah hotness

Work is hot. and not in ways I wish....hot as in kids do not believe in deodorant hot. And that thought alone should gross you out, but try being in a stuffy classroom with no air circulation. It's enough to make you lose your lunch.

On that lovely and foul note, I have decided that I am taking the Organizing Challenge. (I am sure there really is a challenge out there, but I am making it up). I started a book called "One Year to an Organized Life." hmph. I don't think the author has seen my basement. or garage. or filing cabinet.

However, I am up to the challenge. I found a notebook, unused, on the bookshelf in the basement, and started journaling last week. The book is broken into Months - then each month broken into weeks. Each month is a different area in your life, and each week is a different task to better organize it. The first week of the month is always journaling. You assess your area, and answer questions that will be better help you figure out where you have the biggest problems.

This book helps you break down tasks and build routines over time so that life becomes simple. Some parts of the book, like buying a calendar, a planner - and how to use it - are silly for me. ANYONE who knows me, knows I live by my planner, and this isn't something I need a "how to" book for.

What I like about this book:
The tasks are broken down into categories (kitchen, bedroom, garage, paperwork) and are assigned to you during a specific month of the year. Each month is broken down into weeks, and each week is given a specific assignment. This is meant to avoid the overwhelmed feeling ( I like.) Baby steps will get you far (Think What about Bob. Baby steps to your kitchen. Baby steps to your pantry.)

What I didn't like:
I am a person born to list making. There were no lists.

Some of the fixes for a kitchen were silly and not economically friendly. Her suggestions were to look at the color of the walls, and furniture. It would be great to repaint - but that costs $$.

There is also an entire chapter on moving. I will not be moving in the near future, so that chapter is wasted on me.

The first two weeks for January deal with routines, and time managements. I am someone guided by routine - so again, this did not apply to me. But I could see the benefit (as my husband doesn't get always follow routines...so he may benefit).

After reading over some of the lessons, I feel this is something I already do. But I do like to follow an order. Therefore, this is why I think this book is helpful. It will force me to stick to only one project- not jump for room to room. The organizing part doesn't take a brain surgeon, but it does ease the overwhelming feeling.
Overall, I am excited to start on this new organizing adventure. I think by the end of this month,the kitchen (the first place to organize) will tell how well this book worked.


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