April 05, 2010

Monday Blues

Alas, the house seems to have been destroyed by a tornado. a hurricane. There is no possible way a force from Mother Nature herself did not blow through the home. It can't be possible that it was my own doing!
With the risk of sounding silly, I love stuff. I love everything and I have a million hobbies, or like the idea of having a million hobbies. Books take the top of this list. Sadly, the house we are currently residing in does not have room where I can proudly display all my treasures. Most of my treasures involve a book to go along with the hobby - causing hundreds of books to be displayed (or boxed) around the house.

I don't know how I feel about this (at first glance I loved it) but the more I looked at it, the more I felt claustrophobic. A book lined staircase. This would definitely give me room, and everyone else room! The only problem I could foresee, how would you grab a book and have someone walk up the stairs? I like to gaze and gaze at my book collection before choosing a reading for that day, so I may have to alter my reading process to allow for traffic flow!

I think this would force you to be organized, but a wall of shelves could be interesting! Perhaps you could display it behind a curtain, and voila! Books appear!


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