June 02, 2008

Where has the time gone?! Fridays late.

Fridays on the Cheap - a few days late...better than never!

What to do on a weekend - particulary this upcoming weekend. I thought about this moment all year long. Last year when I heard about the festival - I was a day too late - This year, I know in advance - alas...I still cannot attend! I am hoping someone can
give me some feedback!!

This festival turns NYC into a playground for the weekend. Not just one park, one building. NYC. yes - the entire city! Hundreds of people congregate to play different games across each part of the city. Players play "life-sized Pong using only their ears to "hear" the ball. Payphones produced points and Tompkins Square Park became a putt-putt course. 200 people performed stunts to display on the Reuters screen in Times Square."(COAP website)

The list of activities seems to be endless....who doesnt want to play a Pacman on the side of a building. Or whiffle ball in the streets.

The best part -

ITS FREE!!!! gosh. I love NYC.

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