June 05, 2008

Thirfty Thursday

Motivation comes in drips and drabs for me. I am motivated to clean and organize the "craft" room - and then after a few minutes of shelving and re-shelving an eight year old's clothes, the motivation flies out the window. at lightening speed. So therefore,I have been procrastinating with the best this week. I have not touched my craft room .. I walk in, quickly become overwhelmed and then walk out to do something else.
Or I sit on the blow up mattress, for what it seems to be an enternity. Well, lucky for me, it isn't that long - five minutes tops. And I decide, in those moments, I don't need to buy a single thing. NOTHING else till I purge. and by purge I mean rid the house of all the clutter and debris that is stoppping me from seeing the floor in my so-called craft room.

However, that doesn't have to stop me from looking at items. online :0
and to follow suit - the website of the day would be, noneother than:
The Container Store!
I need to find containers and some sort of plan in order to better organize my crafty items in the closet, and kid stuff in the room. How can this be done??

I have too much stuff...and not enough crafty ideas.....

ho hum.

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