June 04, 2008

Adventures in Weddingland

All the added touches could make ones head explode!

We are getting married in the beginning of July 2009, and the heat will be enough to knock me right out of my dress..let alone anyone sitting in the seats waiting...in the still air!

Fan? Who's a fan? I am! I am!

I kinda like the fan with the program, it gives it a purpose. A duty. Well, rather than just something to wave in front of your face in the sweltering heat of July!

THe best website it seems for these type of "favors" is Bliss Wedding Market. They have a TON of neat favors, particularly fans.
I love this idea - putting the fans on each chair with attached program.

However, I don't want to run out of room on the fan for the program. I went to a wedding a few years ago, and the bride and groom wrote a little blurb about each person in the wedding party - I thought that was a great idea. That way, for those that don't know those people, they have an idea of who they are, how they know the couple.....

Would I have enough room in the fan to do that??

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lara said...

you may not have enough room for that, though i love both ideas. i've also been to a wedding where the program had photos (often embarrassing - photos of them when they were younger, etc...) of each of the members of the wedding party - and a little info about them, which i really appreciated - not knowing most of them.

i've been to weddings that needed fans, but none were to be seen. i've also seen sun umbrellas given out...which were a nice touch for an outdoor wedding.

...you're getting married!