June 03, 2008

Adventures in Weddingland

My mom came over two nights ago to watch the last episode of One Tree Hill - while we were getting ready, she yelled from the kitchen, "You know what Mr. (but she said his name) said to me over the weekend? He said he just couldn't wait to be married to you. I think thats sweet." I got goosepumps bc its true. Then yesterday I asked him about it, and he explained that he doesn't mind the planning of the wedding (unlike most men), he just doesn't like the long period of time before he can actually call me his wife. He said,"That's all I want. It seems silly to call you my girlfriend, or my fiance - I just want to be able to tell the world that your my wife. And now I have to wait over a year - it's too long." He is just too funny.

With that - let's talk about Who wants a "bride" idea? haha...I can't even take credit for the pun. But it still makes me chuckle.

There are a handful of kids coming to our wedding (unruly kids at that - or atleast some of them) and I stumbled upon an idea of "kid packs" - which I loved. We are going to make a kids table with a few sandbuckets full of activities.
These are just a few things I was thinking about putting in:

peg games
coloring books
This was a picutre that I aw online - I love the wedding crayons and books! The paper dolls were an added touch :)

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