June 30, 2013

Thank you

I am not someone who fears their birthday - in fact, I welcome it.  I love the idea of getting together with family, I adore balloons, and deeply enjoy cake. ANY cake. 
Yet every year, I have this irrational fear that my husband will forget. Forget my day. Days leading up to it, I literally am an annoying fly buzzing around, reminding him. Every year, he reassures me that he's not Last minute Larry with this. I don't really care about the gifts, but I just want effort, and forethought.  

This year, we celebrated with my family the weekend before and mother made my favorite pie - Strawberry Dream. YUM. I can not say enough good things.  I literally do the title - dream of this pie. Therefore, even though we were going out to a restaurant for my actual day, no homemade cake would be had - which I was completely fine with.  However, when I arrived home after work on my day, there in the fridge laid not one, but two cakes for my birthday. Made by Mr.  Let me state this: He is not a baker. He does not have sweet tooth, so the fact that he went through the trouble and then actually cleaned up the kitchen afterwards and before I got home was enough for me.  

(I had to post these because these Toms are my FAVORITE pair I own - given to me by A.) If you don't own a pair, these are the ones to get! They are crochet and lime green.  They fit like a glove, and the best part about Toms - every pair you buy, a pair gets donated. You buy they give!

Thank you B for always making me feel special. Thank you for remembering my day.  Thank you for whipping up your version of Strawberry Dream pie, and then a WONDERFULLY delicious coconut cake.  I loved it almost as much as I love you. 


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