June 29, 2013

A Jolly Good Week!

Here's to a Summer Filled with Awesome!  Now, I realize that really doesn't make sense but I like the saying :) 
After one week of Little being off of summer, and me on Day 4 of Summer break - we already accomplished three popsicle activities!

One of my most favorite purchases after the holidays was a Martha Stewart chalkboard. The board has a wonderful border already printed on, but it's not too easy to write and erase.  The cuteness factor makes up for the moments of frustrations!  

After we pick a few activties for the week off of the twine line of popsicles, we  stick them on the board with clothespins.  After we accomplish the task, we check it off and initial the date.  

This week's Checked list: 
Summer pedicure
Drive In Theater
See a baseball game
Eat Breakfast for Dinner

I just love how it's turning out!


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