June 30, 2013

Let's Hear it for Organization!

I'm not sure about you, but my system for organizing bills seems to be a little (or rather large) pile on the table, until I am ready to go through them and pay.  When coupons come in the mail, or when I find recipes I like, they go in envelopes or piles. I just love my piles!  But I guess this doesn't work for everyone :)

I decided that I needed to come up with some sort of filing system that wouldn't topple over if you happened to touch it.  I bought a plain black filing box, and a bunch of hanging folders (multiple color). By jolly, I would do something cute!

I took a fancy fabric I had in the closet, and cut around the plain ole' container. Before I used my Mod Podge, I spray painted the whole container teal - and I LOVE this color!!! (so does my grass because there's a huge teal mark where I sprayed outside!)  After it dried,  I used Mod Podge to seal the fabric on it.  

I wrote out different folders: Bills to Pay, Papers to File (in either our safe or box in basement), Recipes to Try (and if I like it - it goes in cookbook or if not - gar-bage), Crafts to Make,  Date Night, Tax Forms (I am getting MUCH better about our taxes and now save all our receipts ), Blog Stuff, and Coupons. 

Now when mail comes in that I deem important, it goes right in the filing system.  As the month goes on, and it's time to pay the bills, I also go through the other folders (coupons to see what expired and so on).  
I try to make the recipes I cut out each month so I can make room for new ones.  
So far, this system has worked!  I absolutely love the colors and now if I leave it out by accident, it's not ugly!!


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