June 28, 2013

Melt Into Summer

Each summer starts out the same way(a paraphrase of multiple conversations leading up to the end of school): 
Me: What do you guys hope to do this summer?
Mr: I don't know.
Little(now Bigger): Something sports related.
Then I rattle off about 30 things I hope to get'er done, but then after 60 days of sun, totally forget about.  If only I had a LIST (yes. because I love my lists).  Wait - I make lists, oodles and oodles of lists, but then I lose them!  This laundry list needed to be out in the open if I wanted to actually finish everything I wanted.  
Last week, we sat down as a family and created activities to accomplish this summer. Instead of focusing only on trips which cost moolah, we also thought of things to do that fall into: Free Outdoor, Free Indoor, Crafty, and Food Related.

  During my prep periods this last week of work, I racked my little brain on how to display our Summer Bucket List. With over 50 activities planned (some free and some a little cash), I wanted to figure out a way to put it out there where we will be reminded to DO it.

As temperatures in my classroom soared above 95 degrees, some of my students complained they actually felt their skin melting(gross image). Fantastic! Bingo! That was it! I cut out over 70 popsicles out of construction paper, and in my neatest teacher handwriting, wrote down the activities that I hoped we could accomplish throughout the summer. 

Before going home, I stopped at Michaels to pick up teeny tiny clothes pins to hang the popsicles  where we can see them. After showing Mr. the handful of popsicles, I enlisted him to help me hang the twine between the windows, and starting pinning them for display. I couldn't help but squeal as I watched him pin them! It was actually what I had hoped for!  

I just love the multiple colors! Here are some of the popsicles listed: Have an Unbirthday party (Little's birthday is in December so he never gets an outdoor event!), Hang with family, Meadowlands Flea Market, Mini golf, and Video Game day. 


At the start of the week, we will pick a few activities we hope to accomplish that week :)  Then move them to the chalkboard leaning against the wall on the cupboard.  After achieving each one, we check it off and write the date!  Mr. had a great idea to cut the edge so it looks like someone took a bite out of it :) 

We hung this up before I was done with school, but our official "Summer Bucket List" won't take place till I am out! Wahoo!  

What would you add to your summer bucket list?


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