November 23, 2010

Halloween Bags

I don't know why or how I became so busy...but I did.  My favorite holiday, Halloween, though I celebrated and decorated ridiculously, I did not find time to blog about it.  On one hand that means I was enjoying myself, but on the other hand, I was too busy to blog!
Now that the holiday is over, and we are preparing for Thanksgiving, then Christmas - I want to write about a few projects that I hope to make time for next year.

As a child, I had a plastic pumpkin to collect my sugary treats on the 31st.  As  I got older, it was replaced  with a pillowcase.  How lame. Though to my own defense, I always used a "fun" pillow case (Little Mermaid, cars, etc).But I know if I had a fun bag, just for Halloween candy, I think I would have jumped at the chance!
Now that Halloween is an afterthought, I started looking around to see what other people used. There are some adorable treat bags out there in the cyber world!
If I start making it now, perhaps I will find the time to have it ready for next Halloween.

Minniemaes's fabric version - LOVE it!

RedMarionette's bag...I feel like this bat should have a pair of glasses on...

I love the words on this....and the added buttons!

And my personal favorite handmade "treat" bag....
From BloomandBarnacle on Etsy

Hopefully next year, I will send the kiddies out with some new and fashionable candy collecting bags! I will create my own treat bag, to hold my own candy - liquid candy. 

I will leave you with this...because yes. It is November 23rd - and we still haven't found a use for our pumpkins! I am thinking after Thanksgiving, I will cut them out and follow  Lara Ehrlich's lead, and make Sesame Street characters...but it will be closer to Christmas - so maybe they will have to put on a Santa hat!


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