June 12, 2010

Dear John

Channing Tatum is shirtless in my living room. Well, on the big screen that is. My attention is captured.

I can say when I first saw the movie trailer of Dear John, nothing appealed to me - as sappy love stories aren't my cup of tea as of recently (gasp!). I heard scenes were rushed and much different than the book - so I figured I would do the opposite, watch the movie first THAN read the book.

I'm neutral about my opinion on Amanda Seyfried, as I don't think I am really a fan. But she is so darn cute, as she attempts to make conversation with John's decent and socially awkward father. I appreciate her efforts to relate to him, and her good humor in meeting John's only family. I also like the scene were she confesses she really isn't that much of a rebel - but yet as a stream of curse words that flow through her thoughts all day, confessing she has faults. The scene that they are in the frame of the house, and he tells her that he scares her - umm...would have been better had it not been played over and over in previews. I also can't figure out how many days pass from the first time they meet and then when he goes back overseas. From the normal time frame of relationships, it seems like months. But I think it's only two weeks? It doesn't seem realistic. I love the idea of writing letters, and what a way to get to know someone. As I love getting mail, and miss the ole' paper and pen romance.

OKAY - if she was in love with him, than why don't they end up together? It was only one year! (half hour later) The father and all of his problems breaks my heart. I can't believe I am actually crying. This whole movie I have been rooting for the couple's life together, but in the end - I know it probably won't happen. I officially hate this movie. What a way to turn me into Debbie Downer!!

Many thought this movie would rival The Notebook, and I have to say I think they are wrong. The Notebook was new and refreshing, upsetting and inspiring. Though I enjoyed my two hours with Dear John, I don't feel there is a comparison between the two. The acting in Notebook was far superior, and the plot was not as predicable. Nonetheless, Dear John kept my attention as I waited for my husband to come home from work.

I hope perhaps at the very end - they will end up together? Time will tell - in 4o minutes.


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Karen said...

Shouldn't you be a film critic, or be writing book reviews???!!!