May 12, 2010

New book

I am starting my quest to read the NY Times Top 100 Books of 2009. However, I believe I may have picked a book off of the list for 2010. I don't know why it bothers me so much, but it does. 101 books then? UGH.

Regardless, the book I'm reading is called "Not My Daughter" by . Not sure how, but in less than 2 hours I read all 378 pages of it. Possibly it was part that I hated the content so I wanted to finish, other part I was hellbent on disproving my husband that I can not read my 100 books in one year. Pish posh! 365 days for 100 books? The odds are totally in my favor!

Now on with the book.

Three best friends decide they want to intentionally get pregnant and all three then announce it to their parents as if they just won the spelling bee or made honor roll. Then the girls are SHOCKED that their parents are displeased. But the kicker is, the parents act like their daughters just lost the spelling bee and instead of treating for what it is - three extremely selfish, and irresponsible girls taking it upon themselves to ruin their lives and the lives of the men they so casually slept with (who they completely manipulated!) Then the three teens bellyache page after page about what this all means and what ever will become of their reputations, their jobs, what people will think. They don't like that people stare at them, that they aren't allowed to play contact sports anymore, and the boys they slept with are angry. HELLO?!

I'm sorry, but these parents should have been LIVID at what these girls did. What parent in her right mind would be so nonchalant about this? No screaming? No yelling? No "I didn't raise a young woman so selfish as you"? None of that? NOT EVEN A PAGE! It was more of a "well, what can I do now?" nonchalant attitude. I found it hard to swallow.


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